Building Analysts is the facilities assessment and forensic division of Salerno Livingston Architects, specializing in the analysis of building performance and providing expert services to attorneys, insurers, developers, property owners and managers, government agencies, institutional clients, other design professionals, and private parties. Building Analysts was formed in 1985 to support the growing portion of our practice providing expert forensic services and has pioneered commonly accepted methods of collecting data, preparing summary reports, developing repair strategies, and creating litigation support presentations.

The extent of our activities has grown to include a broad variety of Services to a wide range of public and private clients. Building Analyst's experience identifying construction problems and developing viable alternatives continues to inform our architectural practice, resulting in well-detailed buildings, efficient project partnering, and better building performance.

Furthering our capabilities are alliances and collaborative relationships with other technical professionals tailored to deliver more talent, expertise, and resources to address special project needs. Gonzalez Goodale Architects of Pasadena for example, share and leverage their design expertise with Building Analysts in the Civic, Municipal, Housing, and Education market sectors.