Forensic Services

The range of forensic services on any particular Building Analyst's assignment may take many different forms based on the issued involved, the needs of the contracting party, and the nature of the defects. The following are representative of the typical services often provided by Building Analysts:

  • Building Failure Investigation
  • SB800 (California) & Chapter 40 (Nevada) investigations
  • Building Envelope Design and Detailing
  • Weatherproofing and Waterproofing Design, Detailing, and Specifications
  • Construction Document Review
  • Building Code and Construction Standards Analysis
  • Industry and Manufacturer's Standards Research
  • Professional Standard of Care Evaluation
  • Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation Support
  • Water Intrusion Investigation and Testing
  • Personal Injury Related to Buildings

Building Analyst's forensic projects often include the following phases:

Site Investigation

  • Site Investigations normally involve detailed investigation of building interiors, exteriors, basements and crawl spaces, and attics and roofs. Additional architectural related site work may be performed depending on the need of the contracting party. All of Building Analyst's site investigations are documented using digital photography and contemporaneous notes indicating the overall, and detailed findings of the as-built conditions. Following each site visit the digital photographs are entered into our custom database and further annotated with notes describing the areas of concern, the components or assemblies involved, and the specific defects under consideration. In addition to providing basic documentation, this information serves as the basis for further reporting and development of testing protocols.

Destructive Testing

  • Based on findings of a Site Investigation, a Destructive Testing strategy is developed in collaboration with the contracting party and coordinated with the testing contractor. Testing typically includes removal of components and dismantling of assemblies in a systematic process, and might also be associated with a water test. The testing process may extend over several days and is always documented using digital photography and contemporaneous notes and entered into our custom database.

Documentation & Repair Recommendation

  • Following a Site Investigation and/or a testing sequence, a Preliminary Summary Report is prepared that documents the findings and suggests a repair recommendations in a detailed narrative format. The Preliminary Summary Report forms the basis for a Cost of Repair estimate by a reconstruction contractor that underlies a mediation, arbitration or litigation proceeding.

Mediation and Trial Preparation

  • As a result of work done in the phases outlined above, Building Analysts is often called on to provide expert witness services in settlement conferences, mediation, arbitration or other litigation proceedings, including trial if necessary. Services include preparation of supporting materials demonstrating the extent, causes, resultant damage, and recommended repairs for the construction defects observed. Meetings with attorneys and other consulting experts are required in preparation for, and expert testimony during trial, and often include graphic displays.