Industry Related Services

Building Analyst's range of services are availabe to a variety of industries and client groups related to building design and performance.


     Site Investigation
     Destructive / Non-destructive Testing
     Repair Recommendations
     Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation Support
     Presentation Graphics
     Expert Witness
     Standard of Care
Insurance Adjusters

     Water Intrusion Cause & Origin Investigation
     Mold-related Cause & Origin Investigation
     Claims Analysis
     Reporting & Documentation
     Pro-active Risk Analysis
     Remediation Scope of Work

Design Professionals

     Peer Review
     Moisture Management in Buildings
     Building Envelope Weatherproofing / Waterproofing
     Below-Grade Waterproofing
     Decks, Balcony and Planter Waterproofing    
     Claims Defense

Developers, Property Owners and Property Managers

     Peer Review    
     Property Assessment 
     Site Inspection
     Moisture Management Inspection
     Building Envelope Analysis
     3rd Party Quality Assurance during Construction

Investigation & Testing

     Intrusive analysis of building assemblies
     Moisture Evaluation & Investigation

Reporting & Documentation

     Digital Photo, Video, and Narrative Documentation