Peer Review

Building Analysts is often engaged to provide Peer Review Services on behalf of:

     Other Design Professionals
     Construction/Project Managers

Peer Review services range from providing preliminary "overview" checks of building designs and documents, to detailed evaluation and recommendations regarding weatherproofing and waterproofing design, to being a consulting expert for more complex building envelope integrity to a larger design team. We can and often do tailor our approach to meet the needs of the Client and adapt the intensity of our review to the available resources and complexity of the project.

3rd Party Quality Assurance

In addition to Peer Review Services, our senior technical staff also provide independent jobsite inspection services during construction pertaining to waterproofing and weatherproofing, storefront and window detailing, waterproofing at decks and balconies, intersections of different materials and miscellaneous penetrations, planter design, and at basements. These services are intended to address unforseen problems and improve coordination between different elements of the building envelope, thereby raising the overall quality of the built condition. On-site services can range from addressing limited assemblies of specific concern to more extensive observations and detailed reporting and record keeping.

Observations are recorded using digital photography and contemporaneous notes and entered into our custom database with additional annotation.