Seminars & Education

Building Analysts places high value on educating our staff, our clients, and our other affiliates through frequent roundtables, researching and staying current on emerging trends in Building Technology and Building Sciences, and publishing of techincal papers and Newsletters. This commitment extends outside the firm as well through focused seminars for target audeinces and other extended learning opportunites.

Our most current seminar topics for specific professional groups include:

     California Department of Insurance - Continuing Education Courses

          Cause & Origin of Moisture in Buildings


          Moisture Management in Building Design
          Deck Waterproofing Materials & Design

Watch the website for frequent updates and additions to our range of topics. If you or your organization is interested in one of our seminars, please contact our office directly for more information. We can also custom tailor a presentation to your organization based on our knowledge of foreneisc architecture and building science.